Elisa Saucy Artist & Designer

I have been pounding, bending and playing with metal and fire for 25 years. I work in metal for its strength, ability to shape shift and transform into beauty. Silver and gold have a willingness to be altered, in both texture and form, making them exciting mediums to design with. My life stories come out in my pieces, some are raw and organic when finished; others embrace delicacy.

I believe that my thoughts have a huge impact on my life. This inspires me to weave affirmations into a lot of my work. A symbol or a secret message may be discovered, often gently stamped onto the back of a cuff or pendant. People wear them as a talisman, they gift them to friends and family as power pieces, offering support and encouragement on their life journey. Each piece contains a dash of spirit and simplicity of design so that it may be worn and cherished every day.

I learned the basics of jewelry making from my daughter’s grandmother. In her life she carried with her a great commitment to excellence in craftsmanship. My work carries on her teachings of quality and timelessness using my own creative expressions.

My husband Rob  joined forces with me in the creation of this work in 2013.  Our designs are available at art festivals, online, and at boutiques and galleries around the United States.

Take a moment to see how jewelry can speak to you!

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